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 PVP (Player vs Player) Fights

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PostSubject: PVP (Player vs Player) Fights   PVP (Player vs Player) Fights Icon_minitimeThu Oct 31, 2013 7:15 pm

PVP (with out dice) fighting based more on your writing skills. if you want to battle somebody without dice you must have an admin present for the fight or they wont be counted. admins will say if the attacks you do are legal ( ask havoc for non dice battles felix doesnt support it as much)

The progress of a PVP fight is determined with your Real life skill of writing and a little luck. All you need to do is say where you're striking, with what kind of attack, and roll the dice. If you are going to get hit, then please react accordingly to the strike, and decrease your HP by how much the attack took away. REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN ONLY STRIKE OPPONENTS THAT HAVE ACCEPTED A DUEL REQUEST... you can do what is called "Sleep PKing" meaning that you cause someone who sleeps to accept a duel then beat them to a pulp... but please refrain from doing so.

Hit % Dice meanings:

1-20 = Miss
21-40 = Light hit (Lower scale of your attack)
41-60 = Mid Attack (Middle of the scale)
61-95 = Heavy attack (Highest in your scale)
96-100 = Critical hit (Doubles the highest hit number on your scale)

This scale also works of MVP battles.

The damage Formula is

Attacker STR + Weapon STR - Defender Dex + Armor Def = missing HP

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PVP (Player vs Player) Fights
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