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 SIte Rules.

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PostSubject: SIte Rules.   SIte Rules. Icon_minitimeMon Mar 28, 2011 3:01 am

Changing or adding rules will happen; however, I will do my best to inform of any changes or additions.

1. Treat others with respect and include others. I will not accept fighting in these forums. Treat others as you would have them treat you. Also make sure to include others in rping. I do not want situations of people being left out in the cold.

2. You may move other people's characters with their consent only. You can say your character sees another ahead or doing something which has already been mentioned by that player but not to have the other person's character do something without them saying their character is doing it unless that person says you can do so.

3. Only inform of your actions with other characters, not results. The other character has the right to say if a punch hits or misses and what damage it does.

4. Relationships. They are going to happen whether they are friendships, enemies or lovers. If you have an issue with a form of advance from another character make a mention such as an ooc ((He is not interest in ...)) within the post or discuss it with the other player. If your character becomes romantically involved then please refrain from going into detail on the site. If you wish to do so in another format that is your choice but not with minors. Marriage is encouraged on here, just know that when your characters marry they share an inventory. (Need to figure out how to work that though...)

5. Problems. Bring your issues to the Administrator. PM me and I will work to solve it. All Players are important and will be heard.

6. Chat Gaming. People can create chat games to have a building of relationships as sometimes the actual forum can be slow. If you do this then copy your chat into a new thread. However keep it Pg-13 to R. R means kissing I don't want details to be seen for there are minors.

7. God Modding. Your character has to be of reasonable fighting abilities without being so overpowering that they cannot be beaten. Ask me if your character fits in if you believe you may have made it too strong or if you believe someone else has overdone it.

8. Please don't multipost UNLESS you are in a battle with a mob or MVP. I don't recommend the later unless your party is inactive, and you are fighting it while they are pretty much standing around like idiots.

You cannot have your character attack and connect with another character unless the player has given the ok for this to be done beforehand. The other player always has the right to react to an action.
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SIte Rules.
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