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 Rules and Template

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Curse of Loki

Curse of Loki

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PostSubject: Rules and Template   Rules and Template Icon_minitimeMon Mar 28, 2011 3:08 am


No Super powered characters. You start out on level 1 so why would you have say 112 Atk in the start.


Name:(What is your Character's name?)

Nickname: (Is there a name you go by other than your real name. Scourge of Empires, Scarhead, Willow wand. A name your called by)

Age:(How old are they?)

Height: (How tall are they)

Weight: (How much do they weigh.)

Hair color: (Color of your hair)

Eye Color: (Color of your eyes.)

Personality: (Characters Personality. how does he act alone, with other people, in battle etc.)

Weapons:(What kind of weapons do they use?)

Armor: (What Armor do they prefer? Heavy, medium, or light?)

Strengths:(What is your character good at?)

Weakness:(What do they suck at?)

Pics:(I know no one wants to describe their character that much, so just post a pic, if you wish to describe your character then go ahead and do it here instead of posting a pic.)

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Rules and Template
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