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 Quest Rules and Templates

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PostSubject: Quest Rules and Templates   Quest Rules and Templates Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2014 9:55 pm

1. you can accept any quest only once unless marked otherwise.

2. If you take a quest with a party, you must decide who gets what out of the reward, unless it is hunting a monster, in which case, the final striker on the monster obtains the rarest item in the quest.

3. You may post a personal quest, but be sure to tell the person who takes it what it is exactly that they must do, and you must give them the payment they were promised.


Quest: (Name of Quest)

Quest Giver: (Who gave the quest)

Target: (Any monsters that may be hunted)

Item required: (Any items required to complete the quest)

Reward: (Reward for completing the quest.)
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Quest Rules and Templates
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