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 Attention all SAO Lovers!!!

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Curse of Loki

Curse of Loki

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Attention all SAO Lovers!!! Left_bar_bleue520/520Attention all SAO Lovers!!! Empty_bar_bleue  (520/520)

Attention all SAO Lovers!!! Empty
PostSubject: Attention all SAO Lovers!!!   Attention all SAO Lovers!!! Icon_minitimeThu Oct 09, 2014 12:34 am

Want to enter the world of Aincrad? I'm excited about a new game that's coming out. http://age-of-aincrad.com/forum/threads/leaked-images-thread-returns.3511/ these guys are working Tirelessly to make our adventures on here into a virtual reality. There has even been talk of an Occulus Rift support. I can't wait to travel the world that I have only seen in anime format. my hope is that one day they take the data they have made and transform it into an actual VRMMORPG. lol.
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Attention all SAO Lovers!!!
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