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 Treasure Dice

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Curse of Loki

Curse of Loki

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PostSubject: Treasure Dice   Treasure Dice Icon_minitimeFri Sep 27, 2013 3:42 am

I will determine what you pick up from chests, but the dice helps me tell what category the item is. The faces are as follow:

1. Healing item
2. Rare Weapon
3. Rare Weapon
4. Common Weapon
5. Ultra Rare Item
6. Common Armor
7. Ultra Rare Weapon
8. Accessory
9. Accessory
10. Common Armor
11. Food
12. Rare Ingredient
13. TRAP!
14. Common Weapon
15. Healing item
16. Common Weapon
17. Common Armor
18. Rare Weapon

If I am currently offline when you roll the dice, please send me a PM. You can open 1 treasure chest per topic, and that doesn't mean to make multiple topics where you open chests. lol.
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Treasure Dice
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